Releaf Group Signs Heads of Agreement on Strategic Partnership and AU Equity Financing

May 12, 2023 | News

Releaf Group Ltd, the leading provider of medical cannabis clinics and dispensaries in Asia Pacific, is proud to announce the company’s latest signing of a binding heads of agreement for AU $15m with leading healthcare provider Integra Heath to assist Releaf with future funding and access to the aged care market in Australia via Integras network. 

Integra provides a truly integrated level of care to consumers as well as to businesses. This is through the multiple channels to market that they have developed and brought together including bricks and mortar practices, corporate health solutions, aged care and in-home care offerings and the NDIS.  

The alliance with Integra Health will enable Releaf Group to retire debt and fund the group’s expansion plans to build additional clinics and dispensaries, and launch a number of International cannabis brand partnerships that includes the world’s leading cannabis brand Cookies in Australia.

Integra Health is a team of prominent Australian Healthcare Executives and investors who recognise the enormous potential of medical cannabis in Australia. With more Australians than ever before turning to medical cannabis for natural alternative treatments opposed to the likes of opioids to manage pain, Releaf Group is extremely well positioned to meet this growing demand as the leading cannabis dispensary chain and retailer with the largest range of cannabis products across clinics and dispensaries in Australia.

Integra Health also supports the significant strategic advantages in this investment and partnership for both parties. This prolific partnership will not only be driven through the clinic and pharmacy level, but also through Integra’s other channels to market, including aged care, mental health and as aforementioned, a more integrated approach to the management of chronic pain.

“At Releaf we are thrilled to have secured this significant partnership to support our  future growth and take Releaf into the aged care sector in Australia “ said Gary Mackenzie the Founder and CEO of Releaf Group. 

Releaf Group’s clinics and dispensaries, with its headquarters located in St Kilda Australia, are staffed by experienced medical professionals who are trained in the latest cannabis therapies and treatments. Releaf offer a range of services including consultations, prescriptions, medical education and ongoing patient support.

“We believe that medical cannabis has the potential to revolutionise the way we treat a wide range of conditions,” said Mackenzie, CEO of Releaf. “Our mission is to make medical cannabis more accessible and affordable for all Australians, this capital raising brings us one step closer to achieving that goal.”

Releaf Group has already established itself as a leading provider of medical cannabis services in Australia, and this latest investment will allow the company to expand its reach even further. With a focus on patient care and professional medical education, Releaf Group is committed to advancing the field of medical cannabis globally whilst improving the lives of those who need it most.


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