Releaf Group Signs Deal With Software Company ‘Masteq’ to launch On-Demand Cannabis Industry Employment Platform

Dec 15, 2020 | News

Releaf Group Ltd, a vertically integrated cannabis company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, has signed an exclusive deal with software company, Masteq Pty Ltd, to launch an on-demand cannabis industry employment platform as a leading human capital resource to the cannabis industry with an initial focus on the APAC region. 

“We are very excited as part of the Releaf journey to include Canacruit into the company’s vertically integrated armoury that will, in the first instance, support Releaf’s growth with human resources ranging from the likes of doctors and pharmacists through to agricultural scientists, growers and budtenders. This latest investment by Releaf into Canacruit highlights the group’s commitment to our clinic and dispensary franchise rollout as well as supporting staffing requirements for the wider cannabis industry as demand increases as a whole” – Gary Mackenzie, Co-Founder and CEO of Releaf Group Ltd.

According to research from Prohibition Partners, as various phases of legislation come into effect in different parts of Australia, the country’s cannabis market is expected to break through the barrier of US$1.5 billion by 2025, making it the largest legal cannabis market in the Oceania region. It is estimated there will be in excess of 50,000 cannabis jobs created in Australia by 2028. 

“We are very excited to be working with APAC’s leading cannabis franchise group assisting with the development of job creation in a new high growth industry sector. The Canacruit platform is designed to engage qualified human resources with companies seeking high qualified staff for various industry sectors including technology, cultivation, manufacturing, clinics and dispensaries, accounting, legal and administration roles to name a few” – Masud Bakaul, CEO of Masteq Pty Ltd. 

Canacruit is expected to launch in early 2021.

About Releaf Group Ltd

Releaf Group is the first and leading medical cannabis clinic and dispensary company in the APAC region. Its vertically integrated “seed-to-sale” operations is commencing an aggressive rollout of a widespread clinic and dispensary network.

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