Releaf Group Announces Joint Venture with Vitura Health – Australia’s Leading Medicinal Cannabis Distributor & Technology Provider

May 16, 2023 | News


  • Releaf Group have established an unincorporated joint venture with Vitura Health, to combine the leading technology and distribution capabilities of Vitura through the CanView platform and Releaf’s large network of franchise medical cannabis clinics & dispensaries
  • A Releaf-branded version of Vitura’s leading CanView platform will be developed for use by Releaf’s prescribing doctors, dispensaries and patients
  • The Releaf branded CanView platform will enable Releaf’s doctors access to prescribe a wide range of products via the CanView platform’s e-prescribing functionality
  • Releaf’s dispensaries will also be able to dispense products through the Releaf-branded CanView platform. Releaf currently operates clinics and dispensaries in four locations, with 10 more expected to be opened by the end of calendar 2023
  • Releaf patients will benefit from registering on the Releaf branded CanView platform and having access to the patient app and, in coming months, the patient treatment tracker app

16TH MAY 2023

Melbourne, Australia – Releaf Group Limited is pleased to announce the establishment of an unincorporated joint venture with Australian-based Vitura Health Limited (ASX: VIT), bringing Vitura’s leading technology and distribution capabilities to the Releaf franchise network for its doctors, pharmacists and patients.

Under the terms of the JV Agreement, Vitura will provide Releaf, including its franchisees, a Releaf-branded version of Vitura’s CanView platform for exclusive use by Releaf’s prescribing doctors, dispensaries and patients. The CanView platform will provide Releaf with significant benefits, including increases in workflow efficiencies, seamless compliance reporting, and a turnkey operating solution for new franchisees.

As part of the joint venture, Vitura’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Burleigh Heads Cannabis Pty Ltd (BHC), will import and distribute several medical cannabis brands, including the iconic North American brand ‘Cookies’. These products will be prescribed, sold, and distributed via the Releaf-branded CanView platform, provided they meet Australian regulatory compliance standards.

Term of Joint Venture

The Joint Venture commenced on signing of the JV Agreement and will continue until the JV Agreement is terminated (which can be terminated for convenience upon giving 12 months’ prior notice or terminated for cause by giving one business days’ notice).

In announcing the Joint Venture, Vitura CEO, Rodney Cocks, said:

“We are very pleased to be forming this JV with Gary Mackenzie and the wider Releaf team. Since launching the new prescriber and patient functionality of our platform earlier this year, we are excited to see the CanView platform being favoured as the complete end to end technology solution within our industry. We look forward to working closely with Releaf to build on their leading position in the physical location clinical space providing better service through leveraging the many benefits of the CanView platform.”

Gary Mackenzie, CEO of Releaf, said:

“We are thrilled to partner with Vitura as a wholesale partner and integrate their leading CanView platform into our clinical services and dispensaries. This joint venture will enhance our workflow efficiencies, compliance reporting and provide a turnkey solution for new franchisees. We are excited to offer our patients a seamless experience with the Releaf-branded CanView platform and access to a wider range of medical cannabis products, including the iconic North American brand ‘Cookies’.”

About Releaf Group Limited

Releaf Group Ltd are Australia’s leading cannabis franchise group currently operating in Australia and launching in the UK in 2023. The company has a vertically integrated business model with a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries ranging from clinics & dispensaries, research & development, training & education, cultivation, manufacturing, and import/export.

  • First Australian company to launch a medicinal cannabis clinic & dispensary franchise group
  • Unique retail pharmacy model with leading industry brands, integrative medical clinics, and cannabis dispensaries 
  • Largest medicinal cannabis clinic group and cannabis doctor network in Australia with 20,000+ patients consulted across Releaf locations
  • Franchise model allows for fast and efficient nationwide scalability with an assured outlet for wholesale distribution
  • Unique brand partnership with Cookies Inc to cultivate, manufacture and distribute Cookies’ genetics in Australia, as well as in-store retail positioning in every Releaf dispensary.
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About Vitura Health Limited

Vitura Health Limited (formerly Cronos Australia Limited) is listed on the ASX. 

  • The Company, via its wholly owned subsidiaries, operates the following businesses:
  • Burleigh Heads Cannabis – operates the market leading prescriber, patient, pharmacy and supplier online platform, CanView, which sells and distributes 230+ product SKUs within Australia from over 30 international and domestic medicinal cannabis producers
  • CDA Clinics – undertakes nationwide telehealth consultations with patients seeking access to medicinal cannabis
  • The Company owns 50% of Cortexa Pty Ltd, an incorporated joint venture with Canadian-based PharmAla Biotech (CSE:MDMA). Cortexa aims to be the leading supplier of psychedelics, GMP MDMA and GMP psilocybin, for research and therapeutic use in Australia
  • The Company owns 75.5% of Cannadoc Health Pty Ltd, a medicinal cannabis clinic business that undertakes nationwide telehealth consultations with patients seeking access to medicinal cannabis.
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