Invest in Releaf Clinics and Enterprise

Australia’s first dedicated clinic and dispensary group

Releaf Clinics is a healthcare company established in 2017 in Australia. The company has a mission to make the consultation process and access to medication easier for patients in need. They offer a fully integrated healthcare service that includes integrative medicine clinics, pharmacies, and retail dispensaries.

Cannabis Investment Opportunity

What is a Releaf Clinics and Enterprise ?

Releaf Group invites you to join us in shaping the future of medicinal cannabis in Australia. With exclusive opportunities in 20 premium locations nationwide, Releaf C&E (Cannabis Clinic and Enterprise) licenses offer unparalleled ownership prospects.

What are the key benefits?

1) 40% Equity Ownership in Releaf Clinics: Secure a substantial stake in our pioneering venture, encompassing ownership in clinic and enterprise licenses for your designated territory.

2) Recurring Wholesale Revenue: Tap into recurring wholesale revenues, ensuring sustainable income streams and longterm profitability.

3) Comprehensive Training: Receive indepth training as a Releaf practice manager owneroperator, empowering you with the knowledge and expertise to excel in all facets of medicinal cannabis clinic management and the Australian cannabis industry

4) Access to Pre-IPO Share Offerings: Gain exclusive access to preIPO share offerings, providing opportunities for additional investment and growth potential. 

Looking to invest in Releaf Group?