Releaf Group Launches the International College of Cannabinoid Medicine

Aug 12, 2021 | News

Releaf Group Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of their wholly-owned subsidiary ICCM Ltd the (International College of Cannabinoid Medicine). The ICCM is a new global education initiative that provides an education streaming platform on medicinal cannabis for healthcare practitioners. 

The ICCM, has its corporate headquarters in London, United Kingdom, and is part of the Releaf Group Ltd’s suite of globally positioned companies operating a vertically integrated supply chain in medicinal cannabis. The ICCM provides an online education platform with 30-40 minute videos focused on medicinal cannabis for the treatment of a range of clinical conditions, presented by international experts in medicinal cannabis. Each video has a quiz and certificate of completion for continuing professional development purposes. The ICCM is led by Professor Kylie O’Brien PhD, a leading Australian cannabis educator with a strong background in higher education. To date, the ICCM has over 45 videos presented by a range of experienced clinicians, academics and researchers in medicinal cannabis from countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Argentina and as far as Nepal, with new videos added regularly.

According to Professor O’Brien, “There is a strong need for high quality, evidence-based healthcare practitioner education in medicinal cannabis. Many patients are using cannabis already. Doctors and allied healthcare practitioners need to be informed about its evidence base so that they can talk informatively with patients, as well as learn to prescribe it. This is why we set up the ICCM. Not only do we provide a free foundation course in medicinal cannabis, but importantly the ICCM provides the ‘What next?’ in healthcare practitioner medicinal cannabis education. We have a comprehensive bank of evidence-based learning modules in our video library, with 30-minute videos covering a wide variety of clinical conditions, presented by some of the world’s top experts, and we are adding to that video library monthly with new topics. Some modules are focused on the scientific evidence-base, others on case studies and some are a combination. We think this is tremendous value for practitioners wanting to understand how medicinal cannabis works and the state of the current scientific evidence”.  

Healthcare practitioners can access all the learning modules in the ICCM video library via annual subscription and individual videos are also available to be streamed on their own. The ICCM has a free 12 module online foundation course in medicinal cannabis and is also launching its own podcast soon. The ICCM will also be offering short courses in clinical specialty areas online as well as running face-to-face events. 

About ICCM

ICCM Ltd International College of Cannabinoid Medicine located out of London, United Kingdom, is a leading global cannabis online education platform for Healthcare Professionals.

About Releaf Group Ltd

Releaf Group Ltd is Australia’s leading cannabis franchise group currently operating in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom with views to expand into other international markets. The company has a vertically integrated business model with a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries ranging from research & development, training & education, cultivation, manufacturing, and import/export.